Welcome! My name is Michael Speer and I'm a software developer with special emphasis on real-time interactive simulations (video games, although read further to understand why that term doesn't quite cover it).

I have a diverse background in management, both software and more customer facing fields like service and retail. Although I didn't know it before working in software I was surprised to find how similar the fields are in many respects. Having managed retail/service teams for nearly 13 years and seen great results (such as employee retention and consistent year-over-year growth of 120-150%) I have found the skills one uses to manage a team of talented individual can be adapted for at least three industries.

My education includes degrees in English and Computer Science, the latter including projects between 4-12 team members ranging in design, 3D and 2D art and programmer. I've become proficient in C, C++, C# and have a solid familiarity with x86 assembly.

Please feel free to view my Projects, read my development Blog, hear more of my work history in the About page, see an overview of my talents in Skills at a Glance, or Contact me.